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Mobix establishes a distributorship in Cyprus

G.M. Advantec ltd was founded with the mission to offer quality products and services to customers in the water and energy markets. Our goal is to be recognized by our customers as long term and reliable partners. The members of the company are active in the utility market for more than 25 years

We are an advanced technologies provider in the fields of:

  • Water management systems, 
  • Scada systems, 
  • Data management systems, Instrumentation, measurement, control and automation solutions, 
  • Pressure management and control 
  • Leakage detection, reduction and prevention 
  • Energy saving and energy efficiency solutions. 

With our products and services we help our customers improve their services through managing water and energy (resources) more efficiently which result in drastic savings, economic success and building a sustainable tomorrow

G.M Advantech is expending its products and services to the utility markets to include Mobix advanced AMI and Smart Grid technologies