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Company Profile

Since as early as 2004, Mobix Wireless Solutions (MWS) has been introducing innovative solutions to what began as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and transformed into Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and the Smart Grid. From the very beginning, Mobix has dedicated itself to provide the most advantageous and affordable two-way communication infrastructure to the industry. MWS wide experience in PLC and RF based solutions has lead to the realization that both technologies suffer from fundamental inherent flaws such as limited PLC coverage due to different phases and LV transformers, RF interferences and limited RF performance indoors.

In order to overcome those flaws customers need to spend more money and resources in costly location specific design and implementation. There is a bigger and continuous need to invest in hardware and network infrastructure as the environment dynamically changes.

In 2009, our research and development team introduced a solution in the form of a fused PLC and RF communications into a virtual Dynamic 3D network (n-DNetTM). This technology, a first of its kind, is patented. By dynamically combining these technologies into one virtual physical medium, each technology covers up for the other thus dramatically lowering cost of ownership, reducing the deployment and maintenance efforts and increasing reliability and scalability in a dramatic manner (Every physical link in the network is at least 3 times stronger (3Xspeed/distance/reliability). A network with stronger links has exponentially stronger performance in total).

Our products are available as a fully functional integrated AMI solutions as well as OEM modules to be easily integrated into our Partners solutions.

With offices in the USA, Brazil, Germany, Russia, China, Israel and the Czech Republic we are always close to our customers.