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AMI communication standards

Current and legacy technology


•    Compliance with FCC part 15, Cenelec EN50065-1 and ARIB

•    HomePlug Command and Control


•    FCC certified ISM bands, 240-950MHz range

•    Compliance with Wireless-Mbus

•    Security

•    AES data encryption

•    Additional authentication procedure – provided by hybrid mesh interface

•    Isolated layers: Meters/concentrators/Servers

New developments

Communication Standards

•    Compliance with G3, Prime and IEEE1901.2

•    6LowPAN

•    Zigbee 915MHz

•    Compliance with 802.15.4g

Complete Security Suite

•    Provided by our FIPS certified partner

•    Stronger encryption and authentication mechanisms

•    Support for external high end encryption devices (ISO 7816-3 smart cards)

•    Key management system