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n-DNet™ Concentrator

Manages a network cluster, collects and forwards data from up to 500 meters

The n-DNet™ Concentrator is a key component in managing segments of the Mobix Hybrid Mesh  Network. The Concentrator controls communication with a cluster of up to 500 meters over and on the simultaneous RF and PLC n-Dimensional mesh network.

Mobix advanced n-DNet™ technology, US patent 8254251, provides unprecedented advantages in data availability, solution topology and price/performance. Actual meter connectivity is achieved either by a meter embedded/connected n-DNet™ component or through a network node such as an n-DNet™ HUB. To connect to the MDM server, the Concentrator supports multiple IP based options such as wireless GPRS, LAN or Wi-Fi. 

* For more technical information please download Data Sheet.