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n-DNet™  Extender – Network Extension Unit

Connects remote meters to the backbone

The n-DNet™ Extender provides a flexible, fast, accurate and dynamic way to remote control and maintain the management of electricity, gas and/or water meters.  It enables meter reading, remote connect/disconnect, prepaid profile management and other capabilities directly from the meter to customer backbone.

The n-DNet™ Extender communicates with any Pulse, RS-232, RS-485 or M-Bus outputs meters.  Data collected from the meters is sent to the head-end server over a GPRS cellular network.  The n-DNet™ Extender is a bi-directional unit and can also transfer data from the head end server to the meter.

The communication with the meters can be implemented in several modes:

•    Direct serial connection

•    Dry contact input for receiving pulses from a variety of pulse output meters

•    LT-Bus according to the customer (e.g., utility) specification

The embedded cellular communication is based on a powerful cellular modem.

The metallic external box allows the n-DNet™ Extender to be handled as an individual product, without the need to integrate it in another package. Additional casings are available upon request.

The n-DNet™ Extender can work in “Transparent” mode where it operates as a GSM/GPRS terminal modem unit between the meters and the back-office servers. The data format, sent by the n-DNet™ Extender is customizable to allow easy integration with existing billing, management systems or other back office systems.

* For more technical information please download Data Sheet.