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Multi Utility Solutions

Mobix n-DNet Multi Utility Integrated Network

Mobix n-DNet technology is designed to enable different types of meters to be added, monitored and controlled by the same fixed network, whether it is Electricity, Water or Gas meters. As long as the meter has a digital output, for example, Pulse Output, from a Water or Gas meter, by connecting the meter’s output to Mobix communication endpoint the meter will automatically become a “Smart Meter” and be added to the n-DNet fixed network with no need of additional and extra hardware. Mobix n-DNet technology is meter type agnostic.

In the next example, the Water and Gas meters of a customer are added to the n-DNet network by only connecting the Water and Gas meters to external end points which collect the data via the pulse output and transmit it via RF to the closest communication component. In this example, the closest communication component is the HUB unit. The EndPoints communicate via RF with the HUB and the HUB communicates with the rest of the network via RF and PLC signals based on Mobix patented technology, US patent 8254251. The HUB and the EndPoint also communicate with the same In-Home Display Unit (MIHD) via RF signals.



Part of Mobix multi utility integrated solutions is the In-Home Display Unit, which is designed to be able to read and present the information of 4 types of meters: Electricity, Water, Gas and Heating meters. Each end user will only need one Mobix In-Home Display Unit in order to monitor his daily consumption.

In the next example, the electricity meter is connected to a HUB unit; the Hub collects the data from the electricity meter via RS485 and transmits the information via RF signal to the In-Home Display Unit. The Water and Gas meters are both connected to an EndPoint, the EndPoint has the same functionality as the HUB unit, but is designed to collect the data from a single meter. The EndPoints collect the data from the Water and Gas meters via pulse output and transmit the information via RF signals to the same In-Home Display Unit.