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n-DNet Architecture


A highly reliable cost effective two way dual PLC & RF mesh network

n-DNet architectureThe ever increasing demand for advanced features and capabilities in support of the operational efficiencies, production cost reduction and going green has led to the need to deploy a reliable two-way communication infrastructure. The majority of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems are based on either RF or Power Line Communications (PLC) for their communications technology. Mobix’ patented n-DNet technology, US patent 8254251, enhances the reliability of the network compared to stand alone RF or PLC solutions at no additional cost that is usually associated with RF & PLC solutions aimed at improved reliability.

The n-Dimensional Network – An added transparent network management layer, whereby in a process of fusion of mesh RF network and a parallel mesh PLC network become a virtual unified network. Messages travel simultaneously over both networks thus guaranteeing delivery of messages at a cost of deploying only one network.

The simultaneous transmission over non-licensed RF frequencies and PLC makes for the most reliable solution at no additional cost. As a self learning self healing mesh network, installations are a breeze. In depth topographical studies and deployment challenges involved in RF only based solutions are totally unnecessary. Likewise with PLC only systems, the exact grid layout is not much of a factor. Mobix solution deploys Out-of-the-Box dual RF and PLC devices, designed as such from inception.
The smart synergy between these two infrastructures allows each communication problem caused by one of the physical infrastructure to be overcome by the other physical link available. As these 2 infrastructures are totally different, any interference on one of the links has no influence on the other. Crossing low voltage transformers and between phases, is already taken care of by the RF signals along the network, and known RF limitations in bad weather and indoor reach is of course no issue for the exiting PLC links. Thus a full Hybrid Mesh deployment gives you the cover, performance and reliability you need!