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Whether you need to deploy an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to turn an Electric, Gas or Water grid into a Smart Grid, Mobix Wireless Solutions (MWS) has the most cost effective and resilient system to suit those needs. Our patented networking infrastructure technology (n-DNet) allows MWS to ensure the reliability and performance necessary to support all current and foreseeable future requirements.

Outage management, Distribution Automation (DA) and Demand Response in the electricity grid;  remote shutoff or leak detection in gas or water grids are only some of the capabilities our field proven two-way communication technology and products provide.  Years of experience in RF and Power Line Communication (PLC) based two-way communication technologies have lead to the innovation of the patented, 3D dynamic RF and PLC hybrid networking technology (n-DNet) now available to the markets.

Mobix Wireless Solutions offers the world’s first truly cost efficient solution set for the Smart Grid and AMI market.  The solution is robust yet economical to deploy and maintain while delivering state-of-the-art reliability, performance and availability.