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  • ECI

    ECI delivers innovative network solutions and advanced professional services. We address the opportunities created by the staggering demand for more bandwidth needed to deliver rich media content over wireline and wireless devices, and by the exponential growth in the number of mobile subscribers worldwide. Headquartered in Israel, with R&D centers in China, India, US and Israel, ECI is a global company whose underlying motivation is to help you address your network challenges.

  • eMeter

    eMeter’s management team has been at the forefront of smart metering and grid management for 25 years. They have built a reputation for innovation, unparalleled experience and domain expertise in the energy industry that they have leveraged to build market-leading technology that will enable utilities to unleash the full benefits of the Smart Grid. In the last decade, the eMeter team has worked with progressive gas, water and electric utilities in the U.S., Canada, Finland, Australia and New Zealand. Our clients include CenterPoint Energy in Houston, Ontario IESO, Toronto Hydro and Vattenfall. Customers range from large investor-owned utilities to tiny municipalities and coops.

  • Datamatics

    Datamatics is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies globally for managing their End-to-end Application Life Cycle & Business Critical Processes. Datamatics is a global IT and business process outsourcing organization focused on delivering smart, next-generation business solutions that help enterprises overcome their business challenges.

  • Albatros Energy

    Albatros Energy is dedicated to providing state of the art power solutions using new and (well-maintained) pre-owned power equipment. We specialize in equipment from US, European or Japanese manufacturers only.

    Together with the logistic and financial backing of a well established US group, Albatros Energy is poised to take on challenging power projects not customarily seen in the Middle Eastern and African market.

  • Nation-E

    Nation E! is not a company of traditional intentions.  Far more is it a breathing entity that aspires to act on various objectives with the main vision to change the future and to create a Nation E! – free of oil, free of emissions, free of wars and free of climate change. It is a company, whose shareholders are people, with rights and hopes to make the new world a better place.

  • Props

    Props is a supplier of flexible and price-worthy software solutions to utility-, telecom-, broadband-, and bank companies.
    We combine experience, a global industrial network, and many years of software development with in-deep knowledge about data transaction and the latest avaliable technologies in order to penetrate, analyze, and solve what others regard being "problems".

  • Mobix Individualiza

    Since its foundation in Brazil in 2003, the Mobix is a company focused on the manufacture, development, and implementation of new technologies in communication, data management, individualized measurement and remote electric power consumption, gas and water.