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Prepaid Solutions

Mobix Prepaid Solutions

Mobix Wireless Solutions offers its customers the best of breed prepaid solutions for Electricity, Water and Gas meters.

The prepaid systems are used to provide stand-alone meters with integrated prepaid capabilities that enable simple and cost effective charging of Electricity, Water and Gas directly to the meter. Mobix solutions enable simple, easy and cost effective implementation of meter reading, charging and management.

Mobix has 3 major types of prepaid solutions:

1. Top-notch prepaid systems based on Mobix AMI system (Fixed network, 2-way                             communication, Contactor/Valve control).
2. Using an Intelligent Card (IC) meter and system.
3. Using the standard STS keypad solutions.

Mobix Prepaid AMI solution

The prepaid meters are integrated with Mobix AMI n-DNet units. The meters then communicate via the n-DNet network with the Concentrator (central collection unit). The Concentrator is connected via any IP connection to the customer back-office and the billing system.

The AMI based system is a two-way communication system, which gives the customer the ability to remotely command & control the prepaid meter network (e.g., Shut down).

The 2nd and 3rd prepaid solutions work using similar principles

After Prepaying for their Electricity / Water / Gas consumption at the designated office, the user takes home the IC card and inputs the purchase information into the meter by inserting the card, then the meter is charged and will continue to operate until there is no balance left in the meter and the user needs to recharge it. Information from the meters can be carried back by the IC card every time the user purchases electricity. The information is recorded and can be queried, analyzed and counted by the management software.
On the STS based solutions the user buys a “Token” which includes a series of numbers, he keys those numbers into the STS meter to charge it.  Of course, the meter displays the amount left and alerts the user when he is almost out of money so that he will recharge the meter in time.  The meter has an integrated Contactor / Valve that enable control of consumption.

The prepaid systems are suitable for utilities (Electricity / Water / Gas), real estate companies and property management companies.